Happiness & Health Await

Using my flagship model, The Art of Well-Being, we will use an integrative approach to create a life that aligns with your desires. You will learn to seamlessly apply strategies and systems that lead to

  • an organized life,

  • sustainable healthy behaviors, and

  • overall happiness.

“When working with Gigi, it’s not just about diet and exercise! She helps you get all your affairs in order so you can thrive in every area.”
—Gina Clayton, Executive Director & Founder, Essie Justice Group


Empowerment—What Clients Experience

  • A lifestyle of wellness

  • Renewed mindset

  • Improved sleep

  • Less stress and anxiety

  • Balance between work and fun

  • Desired weight loss

  • More time to do what you love

  • Fulfilling relationships

  • Your personal and business affairs in order

  • Sustainable health behaviors and habits

  • Lasting results


Work 1:1 or in a Group


1:1 Integrative Health Coaching

As your coach, my job is to help you uncover the places you might be holding yourself back, develop clarity and confidence in moving forward, and strategize solutions for your next steps. Coaching is a client-focused practice, so our sessions begin with identifying the area we need to focus on to make the most movement. Get started with a free consultation.


  • 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions with Gigi (50 minutes)

  • 9 Sessions via Phone (or Skype)

  • Customized Plan to guide you in making lasting lifestyle hanges ($300 value)

  • Email, Phone, and Text Support

  • The Art of Well-being Worksheets & Tools (planners, checklists, templates, etc.)

  • Welcome Package (includes journal and other goodies)

  • Continuation Discount

  • Early Enrollment to Workshops & Groups

TAWB Group

The Art of Well-Being Group

Integrative health coaching in a dynamic small-group format. You'll create powerful goals and learn new systems and strategies to create a sustainable and balanced lifestyle of happiness and health. For six weeks, each session will focus on your individual plan and you’ll learn about different components of well-being, and strategies you can use to accomplish your goals.


  • 6 Private Small-Group Coaching Sessions

  • 60 Minute Sessions via Phone with Gigi

  • The Art of Well-Being Worksheets & Tools

  • Welcome Package (includes journal and other goodies)

  • Proven Strategies Based on Research and Real World Experiences

  • Accountability Partner

  • Continuation Discount

  • Early Enrollment to Workshops

    $149 Per Person

Next Session Begins Saturday, February 23rd 2019!