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Nice Things People Have Said...

"I approached Gigi because I run my own organization, manage a hectic travel schedule, and have a job that seems to despise routine. Before I began my sessions with Gigi I wasn't eating well, exercising regularly, or setting realistic, specific, or helpful goals. Gigi's high-touch program was exactly what I needed. Together we customized a plan that worked for my unique needs and discussed my progress during our weekly check-ins. Before I knew it, I was tackling my list of chores, eating well, and investing in my relationships and parts of life that matter with a new energy. You will not regret bringing this woman's expertise into your life!" –Gina Clayton, Executive Director/Founder of Essie Justice Group

"Gigi did a great job on her presentation at Fox and was very charismatic and engaging with our audience. She was knowledgeable on the subject matter, used real-life examples and was able to relate well to the attendees." –J.P., Wellness Program Manager, FOX

"Overall this was a great lunch & learn with Gigi. I enjoyed the topic presented and thought it was informative. After attending this I will make positive changes concerning my health." –Workshop Participant

"Gigi, I don’t know how you do it, but you manage to be accepting, empathetic, informative, hopeful and energizing all at the same time. It’s a gift. Thank you for being there for me and for doing so much research to help me." –D. Z., Mom

"The speaker was great! She worked well in the time allotted and kept it engaging with her examples." –Workshop Participant

"If you're looking for a coach to help confidently guide you to having a happy healthy pregnancy, look no further than Gigi Gibbs. She is a wealth of knowledge. I'm grateful to have had her guidance along my Sacred Journey to Motherhood." –Molly Ann Luna, TV Host & Entrepreneur

"Great workshop, great presenter, and highly relatable; inside knowledge priceless - better than expected." –Workshop Participant

"Gigi is living proof of what a balanced diet and lifestyle can do for anyone who sets their mind to it. Gigi led me to believe that I can do it. And I have!" –Melanie A. Winns, Mom

"Lunch & Learn with Gigi Gibbs today was super insightful and practical. Thank you! More please!" –Workshop Participant

"Very informative Lunch & Learn. I really enjoy her talks as they're a good reminder/nudge to keep me on track." –Workshop Participant

"Gigi Gibbs is an excellent health and wellness coach! She is a very relatable health educator and lives what she preaches. I have always been inspired by her healthy lifestyle and commitment to helping others also achieve and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She guides you to become the best version of yourself and target what you truly want to accomplish while maintaining work/life balance. Truly life changing!" –Elizabeth Olubodun, Writer

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